04 September 2019

From the folks who brought you...

..."Let's drive the Zionist pigs & dogs into the sea"...insert alt text here

An official source in one of the Palestinian factions revealed that there is an understanding between the United States and Canada for Canada to receive 100,000 Palestinians (40,000 from Lebanon and another 60,000 from Syria).
I suppose you can never have too many malcontented semi-literate cab drivers.

You think I'm exaggerating?
"Mohamad Rafia, a Syrian refugee told a Fredericton court that he didn’t know it was a crime in Canada to beat your wife with a hockey stick for half an hour."

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"A 74-year-old Toronto man faces charges after allegedly yelling 'Heil Hitler' and accosting participants at a pro-Israel march. Police say Ali Amirsalam was arrested last week on charges of causing a disturbance and uttering death threats at the event in Toronto in May."


Unclezip said...

"Causing a disturbance". *Looks around guiltily*

dmorris said...

A hockey stick is much too valuable to beat your wife with, the damned things cost upwards of $100 these days,unless you're talking some cheap Cantire wood club that'll probably only last three or four beatings.

I wonder of a non-Muslim who beats the hell outta his wife can use as a defence the fact he identifies as a Muslim?

The truly Ugly Reality is many of these terminally aggrieved types from the Palestine region will join criminal gangs,as there isn't that much future as a cabbie.

Anonymous said...

Just what the Toronto housing shortage needs.

Neo Conservative said...

ask your local mp what the unemployment rate
is for justin's previous 50,000 syrians and
watch them sprint for the nearest exit.