11 September 2019

Pierre-lite is counting on your apathy....

...but he legalised weed, just in case...insert alt text here

Faced with questions about obstructing the RCMP from investigating his own office, Justin Trudeau stood smiling before the cameras and tried to hide behind the facade of the civil service.

“We respect the decisions made by our professional public servants. We respect the decision made by the clerk.”
Don't let him get away with it.


Anonymous said...

$600,000,000.00 will buy an awful lot of silence from the Lame Stream Media. It will also buy a awful lot of noise from the same media weasels, each at their appropriate time, of course. I predict this will be dirtiest campaign the Liberal media have ever fought.

Neo Conservative said...

Justin Trudeau took an axe
and gave our country
forty whacks
You want it back
Then vote for Max