02 May 2019

The Usual... well, you know...

...I'll let Drake spell it out...insert alt text here

At around 1:16 p.m. on Wednesday, emergency crews were dispatched to a townhouse complex on John Garland Blvd. near Humber College Blvd. for reports of a man in his late 20s who had been shot.

This is the city’s 22nd homicide of 2019.
That's 16 men and six women so far.

nota bene... I'm pretty sure Aubrey "Drake" Graham was raised better than that...
He was raised by his mother in Forest Hill, an affluent and predominantly Jewish neighborhood in Toronto. He attended Jewish day school, had a Bar Mitzvah at age 13 and observed the Jewish High Holy Days with his mother.

UPDATE: Homicide 22 dentified as Blaine Grindley...
“He’s not on the streets doing this and doing that, He’s a young, ambitious Black person,” said Dahlia Foster, Grindley’s aunt.
Of course, that's John Garland Blvd... as in "Murder Alley, Ontario."


RELATED: Oops... almost missed Homicide 21...
On Monday, April 29th, 2019 the injured man succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced deceased in hospital. He has been identified as Premachchandran Sundaralingam, 53, of Toronto.

Richard "Rick" Turner, 48, of Toronto, has been identified as the suspect


Shere Khan said...

Here in Winnipeg (approx 1/8th the population of The Big Smoke) we are at 14 as of last week. Violent crime is spinning out of control, catch and release doesn't seem to be working...

Neo Conservative said...

"Frankly, America should carve that “10,000” number onto
the Liberty Bell. Less than 2% of our population commits
more than half of all American gun murders
. Thus, a
very small percent of the US population commits most
gun homicides."