11 May 2019

Maybe Pierre-lite can pass a law...

...prohibiting running car to car gunfights on city streets... wait a minute...insert alt text here

It started with a drive-by shooting that saw a gunman in one vehicle open fire on another vehicle near Chester Ave., just east of Broadview Ave., around 10 p.m. One man was struck in the car, which then veered into another vehicle causing a four-car crash.

One minute later along The Danforth, near Castle Frank subway station, another firearm was discharged. Toronto Police officers arrived to find an abandoned car with a gun inside.

This is all happening under the nose of a Gun Buyback Program and a push to ban the purchase of legal handguns.

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One male was taken to hospital after a stabbing near Eglinton West Station.
No descriptions of shooters, shootees, stabbers or stabbees as per Toronto media policy.

Dollars to donuts, it wasn't members of the University of Toronto chess club in either case.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says --------- the tribal warfare continues.

Neo Conservative said...

maybe another record year...
like the harvest of 2018.