22 May 2019

More incomprehensible argle-bargle...

...from the My Little Pony fart-catcher who shat on Vice-Admiral Mark Norman...insert alt text here

At National Defence headquarters, The Canadian Press report has caused some confusion. Public affairs staff are trying to track down exactly what Vance might have said and at this point can’t add any more details to the brief statement.
What exactly is the deal with Jonathan Vance's "Secret Garden?"insert alt text here
"Canada’s Afghan war memorial was dedicated in secrecy this week, and families of the fallen weren't invited."
Gotta keep the boss happy... right?


UPDATE: More flippety-flop from Jonathon Wince

You get to grieve when I say so...
A system of escorted visits for family members will be established, Vance said, adding several families have already expressed interest. Whether that would include members of the general public is not clear at the moment.