09 May 2019

Flint, Michigan is finding out...

...the actual price of affirmative action...insert alt text here

Reporter Luke Rosiak added that the city rejected a bid from an experienced company that happened to be owned by a white person in favor of a black-owned company.

The inexperienced company was paid $22 million to replace the lead pipes, but ignored available research about where the lead pipes were located.

It wasted money instead on digging up every backyard in the city, including in areas known to have only copper pipes.
A tragedy compounded by political correctness. Posturing and virtue-signalling in these circumstances is just so wrong.

People are being poisoned... you want to fix this as quickly, completely and efficiently as possible.


favill said...

Not enough non-Negroid DNA to increase the population's collective IQ. I grew up on the Canadian side of the Detroit River in the late 60s to the mid-80s and I saw the great city of Detroit (arsenal of Democracy) go from a metropolis to a ghost of what it used to be. We used to joke in Windsor that the longest bridge in the world was the Ambassador Bridge, because it linked Canada to Africa....I guess it's not so much a joke anymore. Yes, I understand it's Flint they're talking about in the article...but Detroit's downfall is a mirror of what happened in Flint (just a little slower).

Neo Conservative said...

there was a netflix special that documented
the downfall of flint and the people who
had chosen to stay behind.

a real eye opener. pandering to racial or
ethnic identity is certainly no part of a