29 May 2019

Harjit Sajjan is "feelin' groovy"...

...and, apparently... inscrutable...

OTTAWA — Vice-Admiral Mark Norman and defence chief Gen. Jonathan Vance are being given “their privacy and their space,” Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan insisted Wednesday as he was grilled over why Norman has not yet been reinstated into the military.
Sadly, it appears somebody is about to harsh his mellow...
Adding to the drama, the Senate’s defence committee voted on Tuesday night to launch an inquiry into why the charge against Norman was laid and subsequently stayed, with invitations planned for Norman, Vance, Sajjan and others.

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In it's never-ending campaign to celebrate anything remotely multicultural, CBC confuses "Badass" with bad liar...insert alt text hereYeah... that guy.


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"There is enough evidence against SNC-Lavalin for the engineering corporation to be tried on fraud and bribery charges, a Quebec court judge ruled Wednesday."