01 May 2019

Will Dems try to sell Biden...

...as a fighter for the common man? Seriously?

The biggest payoff for Biden during his time in the Senate came from credit card company MBNA. His craven backing for MBNA, in exchange for their cash, even earned Biden the nickname "the Senator from MBNA."

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"THIRD reporter just told me that a staff member physically put their body between @JoeBiden and the reporter, moments ago at this rally in Des Moines," he wrote. "This third reporter just told me that the @JoeBiden staffer blocked his camera shot by putting up her hands."


Anonymous said...

old white guy says ------- Biden spent most of his life at the public trough and is as far removed from the working man as the silver spoon socialist Trudeau is.

Neo Conservative said...

and yet the lunatic left embraces them both.