08 May 2019

That "Law of the Jungle" shit...

...can be a little bit tricky, I guess...insert alt text here

TORONTO - A jury wasted little time in convicting Najib Amin of first-degree murder. Jurors delivered their verdict Monday night after about six hours of deliberation.

Amin, 31, wrongly believed Sylvia Consuelo, 34, was inflicted with AIDS and had unprotected sex with three men, including his brother and a friend, said Crown attorney Scott Arnold.

Consuelo, who was never HIV positive, was found half-naked on Jan. 30, 2016, in her apartment at 121 Kendleton Dr. in Rexdale.
There ain't no small claims court in the third world. Mr Amin should be asking for his "Diversity Discount."


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...wait a minute...
"The family of a doctor beaten to death to by her Toronto neurosurgeon husband Mohammed Shamji in 2016 says the grief they feel will never match the impact her death will have on her three young children."

"Two days after Shamji, 43, was served with divorce papers in November 2016, he strangled his wife in the bedroom of their home and dumped her body in the Humber River."

LAST WORD: Let the Pinkos lead the way...
Gun control proposal: Make it illegal for Democrats to own guns

Why would Dems object? Solves half the problem.


Anonymous said...

old white guy asks ---------- what has happened to society since I was born? when I was young there was very little if any such violence on a daily basis. have we imported this violence along with our vibrant and diverse imports? I will suggest that yes we have. if we are unable to civilize these animals then we need to strengthen ours and reinstitute the death penalty. no more feeding, clothing and housing killers.

Neo Conservative said...

this is justin trudeau's "post national state."

apparently it's what canadians want.