15 May 2019

Remember, if you take registered guns...

...away from law-abiding owners... crime magically ceases to exist...insert alt text here

The presentation then stated: "If words aren’t changing anything, then what about these images?" CNN then cut to photos of children and mothers crying.

"Parents waiting to hear their child’s name called… or not," the graphic continued. "Children with their hands up… at school. Or clenched… to pray." "If this isn’t a crisis now… when will it be?" the graphic concluded. "ENOUGH."

Every statistic that Baldwin used in her presentation was deceptive or completely false.
Here's an actual fact...most wanted
"Gun-related murders are carried out [wait for it] by a predictable pool of people."

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GO FUCK YOURSELF... my guns have still killed fewer people than Michael Bryant's car...insert alt text here
On Wednesday, Toronto police issued warrants for Andrae Douse, 21, and Dayne Sitladeen, 27, both from Mississauga, and Michael Smith, 29, from Brampton. The three men are wanted for first-degree murder and are considered armed and dangerous.
It gets better... by which I mean worse...insert alt text here
Mohamed Ali Nur, 18, along with 28-year-old twin brothers Shakiyl Shaw and Lenneil Shaw, have each plead not guilty to first-degree murder charges.
You wanna stop the killings... then stop the thugs pulling triggers. Throwing virgins into volcanoes just isn't gonna do it.