08 May 2019

Scott Brison and the Libranos...

...backed themselves into a corner...insert alt text here

The federal government is expected to pull the plug on its prosecution of Vice-Admiral Mark Norman for alleged breach of trust, the National Post has learned.

The case is back in court on Wednesday for what was to have been a brief scheduled update on the progress of the government’s efforts at disclosing documents to Norman’s defence team.

Among the documents the defence was seeking was a 60-page memo from then Privy Council Clerk Michael Wernick to Trudeau that had been entirely blacked out.

Sources have confirmed that the prosecution will withdraw the charge instead.
What doesn't Justin Trudeau want the public to see?

The money shot here...
"...former Treasury Board president Scott Brison arriving at an ad hoc cabinet meeting with a letter of complaint from Davie competitor Irving asking that the new government take a second look at the deal."
Which would have entailed, at minimum, an $89,000,000 cancellation charge... on top of whatever Irving Shipbuilding would have billed their Liberal friends.

I guess that explains Mr Brison's rather abrupt departure from government to the private sector. Coincidentally, Michael Wernick has also jumped ship.

And one last note...
"The ship itself (built by Davie) was a stunning success in the world of military procurement — delivered on time and on budget."
Vice-Admiral Mark Norman is a hero who saved Canadian taxpayers untold millions of dollars. You CAN fight City Hall... if you have Marie Henein in your corner.
In front of the assembled Ottawa press corps, Henein flayed the prime minister without ever mentioning his name. She never said the words “SNC-Lavalin,” either even as she linked her client’s case, indelibly, to that festering scandal.
Read Admiral Norman's statement.


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Liberal MP and former army commander Andrew Leslie has offered to be a witness for Vice Admiral Mark Norman at his upcoming trial.

Leslie has announced he will not be running for re-election.
Can't imagine why.


Anonymous said...

Stayed, not Withdrawn.

in Canadian Law, a charge that has been Stayed can be refiled within 1 year, which, conveniently puts it past the election.

Withdrawing the charge is a final declaration, and the charge can't be refiled.

Neo Conservative said...

trust me, the libranos just want this
to go away. they are terrified now...
witness the brison, wernick and butts


Anonymous said...

old white guy says -------- the level of actual criminal corruption is un freaking believable. scott brison and 89,000,000 in a fee to davies and then irving on top of this. what bunch of crooks.

Neo Conservative said...

as we have seen with adscam and chretien
bullying the business development bank,
snc-lavalin and military procurement.

but they keep getting voted in.

what does that say about canadians?


Anonymous said...

owg says -------- it proves what I have been saying for decades, Canadians are stupid. if stupid is not they answer then complicity is.

Anonymous said...

"but they keep getting voted in.
what does that say about canadians?"

Perhaps it says that they have no good choices and have to alternate between being fleeced by Libs and Cons.