24 May 2019

Vladimir Obama...

...and the war on free speech...insert alt text here

"If we are going to criticize attacks on journalism, then let’s be clear on the identities of the most malevolent actors in that war. Let’s also be clear on which DoJ took redaction responsibilities seriously and which abused that power to hide its own wrongdoing."
Contrast that with the kinder, gentler Trudeau solution...insert alt text here
"If the Heritage Minister had explicitly set out to bolster the notion that Canadian media are bought and paid for by the Liberals, he could have done no better."

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"Mr. Rodriguez, have you not seen the publicity that Unifor is putting out calling themselves 'the resistance' and saying, 'Welcome to Andrew Scheer's worst nightmare.' Have you not seen that?"
By the way, that was someone on CBC Radio... I almost swallowed my tongue in shock. Perhaps not everyone in the media is for sale.


biff jupiter said...

This is the funny part, at least for me. Trump hates the media, justifiably, yet boosted their ratings and readership because liberals enjoyed their anti-Trump hysteria.
Trudeau loves them, but has hammered in the last few nails in their coffin.
Of course, his old man gets a kick out of this, wherever he is, because he hated them despite their adulation.

Anonymous said...

old white guy says -------- only tyrants want to control speech and freedom. They do not want the possibility of criticism getting the sheep to turn against them.

Neo Conservative said...

i'm loving the irony of the
"heritage" minister being
a dude called pablo.

i look forward to defense
minister milquetoast.