27 May 2019

Not for the...

...faint of heart...

Under this scenario, people granted an assisted death would, with their full knowledge and consent, be transported to an operating room, put to sleep under general anaesthesia and their organs removed, including the heart and lungs. Death would follow removal of the beating heart.

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“Given the importance of family physicians as ‘gatekeepers’ and ‘patient navigators’ in the health care system, there is compelling evidence that patients will suffer harm in the absence of an effective referral.”


John the Mad said...

Judicial doublespeak . It is patently obvious that the opposite applies. Anyone who obtains such an "effective referral" from a family physician will certainly suffer irreparable harm, i.e., death. War is peace. And they wonder why I won't sign up as an organ donor.

Neo Conservative said...

i'd sure as shit want to have options
if i found out i had terminal bone
cancer or somesuch... but i do get
nervous when activist judges start
to tick their oar in.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says -------- everyone has the option of suicide. wanting someone else to take care of it for you is no longer suicide. my suggestion would be do it before you can't and don't expect others to do it for you. that's called freedom.

Neo Conservative said...

one unsung advantage of firearms
ownership. you don't have to
petition the government to put
you out of your misery if you
end up with a painful terminal