19 May 2019

I'm so old, I remember the...

..."True North, Strong and Free"...insert alt text here

How do you get a gun licence?

1. Take mandatory RCMP-approved safety course.
2. Pass written exam.
3. Pass practical exam.
4. Submit licence application and payment to RCMP.
5. Pass background check (including mental health, spouse) and reference checks.
6. Obtain licence card with photo.

7. Pass 'DAILY' RCMP background check.
If you want to hunt, you need training for an additional license.

If you want a handgun, that's a whole other qualification process, including months of instruction & observation at a licensed gun range.

From the folks who brought you "carding known criminals" is unfair.


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"Figures reported in April showed that 73 per cent of offenders and 53 percent of victims of knife crime were of a black or minority ethnic (BAME) background, and that two-thirds of all knife crime in London was carried out by people under 25."

"The highest number of stabbings occurred in the multicultural capital of London."
If only there was a law.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says --------- I'm so old I remember when a grandfather could give his 13 year old grandson a shotgun, teach him how to use it safely and go hunting birds without government interference whatsoever. That was called freedom.

Neo Conservative said...

the government runs every registered
gun owner through cpic every single
day. how's that for a presumption
of innocence?


Anonymous said...

And that is why I train in all of the weapons that the government has yet to give a damn about - knife and axe throwing, sticks, quarterstaff, sword - you get the picture.

Anonymous said...

old white guy says --------- anon, one can be well armed and well prepared without a handgun. I try to be able to defend myself when ever I am out.

Neo Conservative said...

gun control isn't about guns.

it's about control.