10 May 2019

Is this who we are now?

Government by Imperial fiat?toronto's most wantedWhat will be next on King Joffrey Trudeau's "prohibited" list... cigars, motorcycles, skydiving... bikinis?

“I am told on good authority that the prime minister has a secret plan to ban legal firearms. Apparently, this secret plan is to be executed by cabinet directive with no debate in parliament,” the independent MP for Parry Sound–Muskoka told the House of Commons at the close of Thursday’s question period.

Answering for the PM was Border Security and Organized Crime Reduction minister Bill Blair,
who did not deny Clement’s claim.
This is the equivalent of trying to solve drunk driving by banning cars. Or eliminating obesity by confiscating forks.

Those internal Liberal polls must be worse than we imagined. Little Potato & the Libranos are desperately doing whatever they can to change the channel.

How about, instead, we start cracking down on the thugs doing the actual killing?

And that isn't gonna happen.most wantedProblem is, that would entail a little help from the wider "snitches get stitches" community...
“If you sit back and allow this to happen knowing you know something that could help bring this person to justice, you not saying anything is you saying it’s okay,” said Dahlia Foster, Grindley’s aunt.

LAST WORD: Erasing Canada...

Is Pierre-lite about to apologise to Germany for Canada's two bouts of military aggression?

Don't discount it, he's apologised to just about everyone else.insert alt text here
"A spokesperson from Veterans Affairs said the video, which was posted to the department's social media platforms, was 'unacceptable' and was removed as soon as the mistake was noticed."
Do you really want to live in Justin's "post-national" state? He's not my "supreme leader."

He doesn't choose for me.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says -------- all those who registered their guns in any way will lose their guns. those who have not will keep their guns. that would include gang bangers, and criminals of all sorts. government is the most dangerous thing to freedom ever created by man. this captcha shit has gotten way out of hand.

Neo Conservative said...

taking legal registered guns away from
law-abiding citizens will do nothing
about the crime rate.

doing it to divert attention from the
criminal activities of the ruling
party is an offence againt democracy.


Anonymous said...

"that would entail a little help from the wider "snitches get stitches" community..."
True, but the odd thing is that the cops also share this no snitching ethos.

Neo Conservative said...

but the cops aren't engaging in
wholesale slaughter within their
own community.

you see the difference?


TheTooner said...

So far, Neo Conservative, so far. The ordinary cop is, at least in his/her own mind, on the side of the ordinary peaceful citizen, but ultimately is beholden to the state that pays for the salary and pension, and in practical matters more loyal to their blue tribe than to the rest of us. That's why the rank and file keep their mouths publicly very shut while the elected politicians and the appointed ones (e.g. chiefs of police) espouse what the working police officers know is nonsense about crime, gun control, etc. The electorate is lazy and lets the politicians and the bureaucracy get away with too much until eventually we aren't just getting fleeced, they are slaughtering too many of our lambs for their feasts and it's time for upheaval and reset. It's not a bad life if you get to pass yours entirely between such major upheavals, but we may be close enough to the next one to see it.