14 May 2019

They do this to each other...

...whaddaya think they'll do to your "infidel" ass...insert alt text hereDon't take my word for it... ask the Canadian government.

It gets better... by which I mean worse.


BREAKING: Canada, it could never hap... wait a minute...

York Regional Police raided a home on Larratt Lane and allegedly located “a quantity of hazardous, explosive materials as well as a detonator device,” according to the release.

Police arrested Mahyar Mohammadiasl, 18, and Reza Mohammadiasl, 47, both of Richmond Hill on Monday. Both men have been charged with possession of an explosive device.

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Apparently the Mad Mullahs of Tehran have already forgotten those rather unsubtle magic words... "Saddam Hussein"...insert alt text here
The Iranians, for their part, have hinted that "a third country" could be to blame - historically, that has tended to mean Israel - and have called for a full investigation.

UPDATE: Live and don't learn... and die...
A major oil pipeline in Saudi Arabia was struck by armed drones and temporarily shut down, the kingdom's energy minister said Tuesday, calling the move an "act of terrorism and sabotage" that marks the second attack on the Saudi oil infrastructure in as many days.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says ------------ today's Ramadan count, 993 dead 576 injured or maimed.

Neo Conservative said...

how could illegals possibly circumvent our rigorous screening proc...
wait a freakin' minute...

"The report said that to meet Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s
election campaign promise
to bring in 25,000 Syrian refugees by
the end of 2015, changes were made to the screening process."

"The screening period was shortened to 96 hours from 30 days,
for example."