16 May 2019

I'm from the government...

...I'm here to save you...insert alt text here

"From Katie Telford, Chief of Staff to Prime Minister Trudeau, suggesting that she could score Jody Wilson-Raybould positive “op eds” and positive coverage in newspapers if she complied with the PMO’s wishes on SNC-Lavalin, to Ralph Goodale, the Public Safety Minister, wishing to monitor and censor your social media, it is clear that the Trudeau government cannot be trusted with our media."
"Gee, the armband is nice, but it sends a pretty obscure message. I mean, wouldn’t a silhouette of
two whores leaning against the gatepost at 24 Sussex be less ambiguous?"

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...and their lefty co-conspirators...

insert alt text hereThat's weird... there never used to be.

You know, like when sainted NDP icon Tommy Douglas' was espousing his "Sterilise & Gulag all the Tards" policies...
Biographies and other accounts of Mr. Douglas’s life have either ignored or down-played his striking embrace in the mid-1930s of forced sterilization and segregation for people of “sub-normal” intelligence and morality, says Dr. Michael Shevell in a newly published academic paper.

“We need to know as Canadians that our past isn’t just one long, unblemished record, and that we have gone down the wrong path on several occasions. We need to be aware of that so we don’t make these mistakes now or going forward,” the head of pediatrics at Montreal Children’s Hospital said in an interview.

No one from the Douglas-Coldwell Foundation, a think tank dedicated to promoting social democratic ideas like those of its namesake – was available for comment.
I bet.

nb. Ol' Randy is actually a Liberal MP... but you get the drift.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says ------ the armband is cute but that is all it is.

Neo Conservative said...

the libranos setting up an approved
list of media sources... not so cute.