16 May 2019

Public-at-large anxiously awaits...

...London's new "Plastic Cutlery Ordinances"...insert alt text here

A leading surgeon has warned that the UK’s knife crime epidemic is having a “ripple effect” across the National Health Service (NHS), causing operations to be cancelled, delays in seeing patients and strains on ambulance services.

Lifting the lid on the impact of knife crime on the NHS to British newspaper the Daily Mail, the National Clinical Director for Trauma at NHS England, Professor Chris Moran, even said that police had even had to be called to monitor some hospital wards after armed gangs tried to attack patients they had previously injured.

He described them as trying to “finish the job” while the victims were in hospital.

In 2018, the head of the Police Federation said “we are moving into an area where some crimes will not be investigated, whereas two to five years ago they were… We can’t do everything – there are going to be situations where we simply can’t deliver the policing we want to deliver”.
Just one more destination struck off the vacation list.