05 February 2019

Remember Ebonics?

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"During their time at the school, students learn about African contributions to science and mathematics, and the history of black people in Canada."
Oh, yeah... one other thing...
"107 students attend TDSB's Africentric Alternative School, a record low in its 10-year life."
That's not a record low... this is a record low...
“We haven’t given up on the program,” said Spence Tuesday night. But, “when you’ve got enrollment down across the board you can’t defend three teachers for six students.”

MORE MEMORY LANE: The soft bigotry of low expectations
"Time to dump that silly, 'All men are created equal' nonsense. Toronto education professionals say we have to get back to the good ol' days of segregation."


Anonymous said...

Ahh...the classic case of low hanging fruit. Congrats.

1) The school does not offer busing . Cycles come and go and if no kids in that demographic anymore then what?
2) All things new attract attention and then it wains.
3) The results of the students is far superior than the local public schools.

But yes...dumb it down to ebonics and out yourself . Well done !

Neo Conservative said...

"nonny whinges... The results of the students is far superior than the local public schools."

so segregation is the answer, nonny-kins? i guess martin luther king had it wrong after all.


Neo Conservative said...

ps... it's "wanes"... not "wains".

hmmm... beginning to understand
your sensitivity about education.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says ---------- just more division and disruption. It will eventually come to an end.