28 February 2019

A criminal enterprise...

...with borders...insert alt text here

A notorious Mexican cartel stashed bricks of methamphetamine in the spare tires of new cars built at Ford's assembly plant in Hermosillo, Mexico before sending the vehicles to Canada by rail in a sprawling drug smuggling operation, authorities alleged Wednesday.

Police said nine of 14 vehicles from the same shipment, found at 13 different Ontario dealerships, contained meth.
FWIW, it's not the first time the Ford Motor Company has been on the wrong side of the fence...
Ford opposed America’s entry into World War II, blaming the conflict once more on “international bankers,” well-known code words for “Jews.” In 1938, the automaker received the Grand Cross of the German Eagle from Nazi Germany.

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...shouldn't be used in the same sentence...
The body of María Elizabeth Macías Castro, editor-in-chief of the newspaper Primera Hora was found decapitated in a roundabout on the morning of Sept. 24 in the border city of Nuevo Laredo, Mexico.

Her killing occurred 10 days after two young people were found dead hanging from a pedestrian bridge with a sign warning against using similar blogs and websites in the same city.
Enjoy that new F150.

Forget about a wall, it's time to start calling in airstrikes.