27 February 2019

As the prophet Dylan once said...

... ♫ You don't need a weather man ♫...

"Today, Metroland Media is exploring the 2018 Etobicoke homicides that remain unsolved, all involving guns and young or middle age men."
Hey, Clouseau... could there be any other point of commonality we're overlooking here?


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HOMICIDE #10 OF 2019insert alt text here
"Police have identified the man gunned down on a Rexdale residential street as 18-year-old Nicklus McKain."
Should we be demonising firearms, or targeting the trigger-pullers?


LAST WORD: Not a single "privileged white guy" here
Homicide #9: Veronika Mrhova

Homicide #8 Tesfa Welsh-Hope

Homicide #7 Dean Howlett

Homicide #6 Jaunoi Christian

Homicide #5 Hanh Nguyen

Homicide #4 Lingathasan Suntharamoorthy

Homicide #3 Aseel Yehya

Homicide #2 Lorraine Kerubo

Homicide #1 Ian Dyer