21 February 2019

Silence of the BLMs...

...as Toronto Homicide cops take another significant player off the board...insert alt text here

"Ibrahim Khiar, 33, was arrested Wednesday — charged with numerous weapons offences in addition to murder charges for two deadly shootings eight months apart."
And it's not Ibrahim's first rodeo...
In Aug. 2012, Khiar was one of six alleged gunmen sought by the TPS Gun and Gang Task Force in the days leading up to that year’s Caribbean Carnival parade.
Obviously, the only way to stop Ibrahim and his ilk is for Justin Trudeau to make guns "super-double-illegal."


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"With so much money to be made, street-level dealers are still shooting one another and another big pot bust north of the city shows illegal weed sales continue to boom."


Grant said...

Diversity is our.....well you know

Neo Conservative said...

not a big deal apparently... only
counts when it's a cop who shoots
a black man.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says ------- the country is screwed. we allow savages to kill with relative impunity.

Neo Conservative said...

Of Canada's two million "licensed" gun owners...
0.00555% used their firearm to murder someone.

On the other hand, in 2005, 64% of accused
murderers had a prior criminal record,
including 6% for homicide.