14 February 2019

If you have more than four wives...

...do you have to buy the "professional edition?"insert alt text here

In another shocking example of Silicon Valley Sharia, Google and Apple have allowed for an app that lets Saudi Arabian men track their wives, to be featured and downloaded in the app store.

iTunes and Google Play stores are now hosting an app called Absher, which was initiated by the Saudi Arabian government to prevent women from leaving the country.
"Honey, you can't hide those lyin' eyes"



Forget about the planet, ladies... just save yourselves...insert alt text here
"Nathaniel Allen-Hall, 28, of Toronto, was arrested by TTC Special Constables and turned over to police.

Police believe there may be other victims."


Anonymous said...

old white guy says ---------- Saudis need an app to track their wives because they cannot recognize them when they are wearing their mandatory black bags.

Neo Conservative said...

let's just pull out the ol'
electronic chastity belt...