25 February 2019

Jussie Trudeau's fake firearms story

"City girls just seem
to find out early...
how to open doors
with just a smile...

You know how many of Toronto's gun murders are committed by citizens with legal, registered firearms? That'd be zero.

But those are the guns Jussie Trudeau says he wants to ban.most wantedVirtually every gun homicide in Toronto is committed by members of the "gangbanger community." That translates loosely into "black on black" homicide.

Jussie isn't gonna touch that narrative with somebody elses' ten foot pole.

Here's the latest... Homicide #10 of 2019

"Toronto Police said "THE INCIDENT" happened outside in the area of John Garland Boulevard and Kendleton Drive just before 2 p.m. The male victim was taken to hospital without vital signs from the scene but was later pronounced dead, police said around 3:30 p.m."

"Another male victim was taken to hospital with serious injuries."
Jussie needs to divert attention from the myriad of scandals he is currently caught up in.

Watch for a dramatic, "I'll ban those evil guns" announcement in the very near future. And then go buy a kevlar vest... because it isn't my legal, registered firearms that are doing all the killing.


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"Pro-gun control Hollywood celebrities attending Sunday’s Academy Awards ceremony will enjoy security “similar to when a U.S. president visits” Los Angeles, according to law enforcement."


Neo Conservative said...

this is not a new problem...
time travel with me to
toronto, 2005...

"Of those shootings, more than half involved first-
or second-generation Jamaican Canadians
, most
in their late teens or 20s."