07 February 2019

Mad Cowz back in the Peg?

What's a little gender/species confusion among murderers...

WINNIPEG — "We got there and found two adult males had been shot inside inside Johnny G's on Main Street," said Const. Rob Carver. "Those males were transported to hospital in serious condition and unfortunately both males have died."
The dead men have been identified, but as of Thursday, police are keeping that information to themselves.


UPDATE: Thugz blew each other up?
Police are not looking for a suspect in the homicides and there is no risk to the public, said Police spokesman Const. Rob Carver.

UPDATE2: Not the first murder at Johnny G’s...
William Edward Moar, 24, a member of the B-Side Gang was killed by a member of a rival gang in February 2013.

Akech Dut Ajak, 22, of Winnipeg who has ties to the Mad Cowz, an African street gang, was arrested Wednesday and charged with first-degree murder.
Note that Mr. Dut Ajak was previously banned from possessing firearms.


RELATED: Totally not kidding about the Cowz...
The notoriously violent Winnipeg street gang African Mafia has splintered off from another Winnipeg street gang called the Mad Cowz after the fatal shooting of a 14-year-old boy by members of a rival group in 2004.

It is made up primarily of young men who immigrated to Canada from war-torn parts of eastern Africa.
Justin Trudeau's "post-national" state in action.


LAST WORD: Coming soon to a neighbourhood near you...
OTTAWA — Canada has begun resettling hundreds of people rescued from slavery in Libya, Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen says. Canada was “one of the few countries” to respond to a request from the United Nations refugee agency in 2017.

"More than 150 people have been resettled and another 600 more are expected over the next two years through the regular refugee settlement program."


Anonymous said...

old white guy says ------------- yes, we have imported problems that are getting worse with each subsequent importation.

Neo Conservative said...

i'm wondering about the "mad cowz"
personal pronouns. by choosing not to be,
say... "raging bullz"... are they
sending us a message about their gender?

because it's 2019.