18 February 2019

Justin Trudeau said to be recovering...

...nicely after having puppetmaster's arm surgically removed from his arse...liar,liar

OTTAWA -- Gerald Butts, Justin Trudeau's principal secretary and long-time friend, has resigned amid allegations that the Prime Minister's Office interfered to prevent a criminal prosecution of SNC-Lavalin.

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...the words rattling around in his head...insert alt text here
OTTAWA – "Showing politicians everywhere that it can be done, Justin Trudeau proudly announced that he had created complete gender parity with the people he was sacrificing to the political wolves in order to save his own skin."


Anonymous said...

old white guy asks --------- will Justin's speech patterns change and will his lips still be in sync with his words?

Neo Conservative said...

i picture him walking around in
circles bumping into things.


Pissedoff said...

He may have resigned, but do you think he will not be still running things? Problem is now he will be invisible so will no be publicly accountable.

Neo Conservative said...

well, we know justin isn't smart enough
to make any of his own decisions.