15 February 2019

Well, we wouldn't want to interfere...

...with your Charter Rights to blow away dem foolz who ridin' dirty inna hood...insert alt text here

Toronto police have scrapped a plan to acquire "ShotSpotter," a controversial piece of technology that picks up the sound of gunfire and reports it to frontline officers.

A spokesperson for Attorney General Caroline Mulroney expressed concerns that the technology may violate residents' Charter rights pertaining to unreasonable search and seizure.
Hang on... unreasonable seizure of the illegal, unregistered firearms you're using to shoot people down in the street?

And exactly whose rights are we worried about violating?
“In 2003, Dalton McGuinty promised to build safe communities,” one of the advertisements states. “But last year in Toronto, seven out of ten people charged with murder were out on bail or probation when those murders were committed.”
Toronto had a record 96 homicides last year — 51 of which were gun-related. As of last Sunday, there have been 30 shooting incidents in the city and 39 victims, none of which can be attributed to legally owned & registered firearms.

Justin Trudeau and Bill Blair can confiscate and crush every legally owned firearm in Canada... and it won't affect crime and criminals one miniscule bit.