12 February 2019


...the weed that makes you smarter AND better looking...insert alt text here

Thomas Clarke, who owns a cannabis retail store in Portugal Cove, N.L., recently ran out of supplies for two weeks. He then received a $15,000 shipment that he expected to last only a couple of days. Clarke told CTV’s Atlantic Bureau Chief Todd Battis that black market dealers are laughing at him.

"They say ‘Ha ha, you don't got any cannabis in your store, you're only making seven-and-a-half per cent (profit) ... our business on the black market is thriving and we're making 100 per cent’.”

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Aurora Cannabis Inc. lost $237.7 million in the second quarter of its fiscal year even though net revenues surged to $54.2 million as sales of cannabis by weight increased six-fold.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says ---------- the government can't even supply dope when needed. Good thing they made it legal, now what ever anyone buys, no matter who they buy it from, is legal to use. there is no freaking way to tell whether the government supplied it or the dealer on the corner. idiots, each and every one.

Neo Conservative said...

well, in truth, the government can't
even deliver the mail reliably and
that's got your name and address on

government jobs are a scam... a
bowl of candy to reward the