06 February 2019

One side wants to stop the trafficking...

...the other side wants to abolish the border...insert alt text hereLet's ask "We the People"...insert alt text here**********


"Don Lemon, worst journalist ever, took his shirt off, cried and tried to cut his wrists with a cucumber sandwich."

"Trump began a two year long project to destroy the Democrat party tonight. That socialism line was brilliant."

"Who but Trump could do that? He worked that crowd like a plow horse!"


Anonymous said...

old white guy says ------------ I have followed politics very closely in both the US and Canada most of my adult life. It has been an observation that for every positive step we take we take two negative steps back. Government has not improved our lives and the level of personal freedom that we enjoyed in the past no longer exists. Some will say medicare is a great thing. I say that people were not dying in the streets before it and if it were modified now we might get away from one year plus wait times for many surgeries. Every thing that government does is now related to controlling the freedom of the people. While I support President Trump in his efforts far too many Americans have become rabid socialists like Canadians and that is almost impossible to turn back short of a civil war. I am glad I am old.

Neo Conservative said...

canada's healthcare system is about to
collapse under the weight of retiring
baby boomers. americans should be
careful what they wish for.

abolishing borders will only make
everything worse.