15 February 2019

All In The Family

Toronto's infamous "catch & release" program burps up yet another dead body...insert alt text here

Naod “Gritty” Tsegazab, 22, the brother of one of the Danzig St. block party triggermen has been arrested for the murder of a man killed in a wild shootout earlier this week in Toronto’s east end.

Tsegazab pleaded guilty to attempted murder in 2015 and was sentenced as an adult to seven years behind bars. It’s unclear when he was released from prison.
Seems pretty clear it wasn't anywhere near seven years.


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Nahom Tsegazab (brother of Naod) pleaded guilty to two counts of manslaughter and six counts of aggravated assault at a court hearing on Friday.
Hmmm... Danzig, Danzig... that sounds so familiar.


LAST WORD: Throw another shrimp on the barbie...
A 24-year-old woman, Veronika Mrhova, critically injured in an early morning shooting in Etobicoke on Sunday has succumbed to her injuries.
Homicide #9 of 2019.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says ----- only the 9th murder. These guys have to pick up the pace, they never reach Chicago's success with such a pathetic performance.

Neo Conservative said...

it's a marksmanship issue... they shoot at
plenty of people
... but don't hit a lot of
the time.