17 February 2019

Legal guns are not the problem

Remember, magic is all about misdirection...toronto's most wanted

Last year Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale claimed there were more than 1,200 break-ins a year in Canada in which guns were stolen.

He credited StatsCan for that figure.

However, StatsCan’s database shows five “robberies to steal firearms” in 2013, 16 in 2014, 12 in 2015 and 18 in both 2016 and 2017.

There may not have been 1,200 break-ins to steal guns in the 151 years since Confederation.

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FLIP... Prime Minister Justin Trudeau revealed Friday that former justice minister and attorney-general Jody Wilson-Raybould had approached him to clarify whether he was in fact ordering her to make a particular decision on the bribery and fraud prosecution of SNC-Lavalin Group.

FLOP... Mr. Trudeau’s acknowledgment that Ms. Wilson-Raybould had approached him on the matter comes only three days after he told reporters that she failed in her duty to raise concerns about the government’s handling of the SNC prosecution.
Did Jody have her iPhone on record?


Miles Lunn said...

As someone who is for tougher gun laws, I wish the government and those pushing them would be careful with their facts. The gun lobby will just use that against them. I support tougher gun laws up to a handgun ban not because I think most gun owners are a problem (most legal ones are not), but rather for everything I do a cost-benefit analysis and except for hunting rifles and shotguns I believe the benefits are minimal for all other guns thus any killing with a legal gun (stolen or a law abiding gun owner) is one too many. For handguns, I would ban them for everyone except competitive target shooters while for semi-automatics with detachable magazines, I would ban them without exception for all civilians. Australia tried this and saw their murder rate dramatically fall, while Japan has very strict gun laws and very few murders although due to cultural differences that is probably a bridge too far. Heck even Iceland which has one of the highest gun ownership rates on earth bans the ownership of any type of semi-automatic which would ban most legal handguns in Canada. So it can be done and why not give it a try. I suspect whenever the Conservatives return to office they will reverse these if there isn't a strong positive impact, so its worth giving it a try.

Neo Conservative said...

"miles lunn says... I do a cost-benefit analysis"

by that metric the government should also ban alcohol, tobacco, motorcycles, skydiving etx, etc, etc...

and you're simply wrong about murders in australia.

"What we see is that homicides in Oz were on the decline before the Australian 'gun ban.' In fact, the slope of the homicide line for seven years before and after the ban are identical down to four decimal places (a slope of -0.0286 for my fellow number nuts). If the gun ban was designed to impede homicides, then it had zero effect"

urban gun violence is the product of, for the most part, black on black gang interactions. are you proposing some sort of cost benefit program targeting, say... jamaicans?

or just farmers, hunters and skeet shooters?


Neo Conservative said...

shorter miles lunn... if it only saves one life..."

say, miles... do you support taking aboriginal chidren away from their parents?

"The rate of deaths from injuries is 3 to 4 times higher for Aboriginal children than for other children in Canada."
Source: Government of Canada 2002

here's a little factoid you may not be familiar with...

Of Canada's two million "licensed" gun owners... 0.00555% used their firearm to murder someone. On the other hand, in 2005, 64% of accused murderers had a prior criminal record, including 6% for homicide.

the poop on canadians killed by a legal gun-owner = statistically non-existent.

madd says every day 4 Canadians are killed and 175 injured by drunk drivers. you might want to reorder your priorities by facts... not simply liberal party inspired rhetoric.


Neo Conservative said...

"miles lunn says... Japan has very strict gun laws and very few murders"

and a virtually homogeneous society... no immigrants... no murder. the price for that is a little jaw-dropping xenophobia, but what the heck. you were leaning into that one, my friend.

and since you brought it up, let's talk iceland...

"The country ranks 15th in the world in terms of legal per capita gun ownership."

that's a lot of firepower, but their homicide stats aren't about draconian laws...

"First - and arguably foremost - there is virtually no difference among upper, middle and lower classes in Iceland. And with that, tension between economic classes is non-existent, a rare occurrence for any country."

nice try, though.


Anonymous said...

You can also look at Switzerland with it's high gun ownership rate (27.6 guns per 100 residents), and low gun crime rate: In 2016, there were 187 attempted and 45 completed homicides, for a homicide rate of 0.50 per 100,000 population. Of the recorded homicides (attempted or completed), 20.3% were committed with a gun (47 cases, compared to an average of 41 cases in the period of 2009–2015). In addition, there were 7 cases of bodily harm and 233 cases of robbery committed with firearms.

Perhaps multicultism causes gun crime?

Neo Conservative said...

not a single member of the university of
toronto lacrosse team has been arrested
in connection with the violent toronto
shooting homicides. ever.

just sayin'.


dmorris said...

Thank you,neo, for your response to Miles Lunn.I was going to respond to him,but you did it very well.
There is more misinformation about the effects of private gun owner ship than any other issue except maybe Climate Change.

Glad to see you straightening out some of the anti-gun people on your blog. Again,thank you.

Miles Lunn said...

There have been multiple academic studies which show when controlling variables, easier access to guns means more murders and deaths. I am a former Progressive Conservative and quite disheartened to see today's Conservatives in Canada follow their GOP cousins on guns. What is it with people on the right having a love affair with guns, I don't get it. I understand some need firearms to hunt that is reasonable, but owning a gun should be a privilege and only available to those with legitimate purpose not anyone who wants one. I don't want to see us become like the United States awash with guns.

Also one can be a conservative and anti-gun. In Australia it was John Howard who brought in their current restrictive laws, in Norway their conservative government is banning semi-automatics in 2021, in UK Margaret Thatcher banned centrefire semi-automatics while John Major banned all handguns save .22 calibres which had to be left at the range (Tony Blair once elected banned those), and the Assault Weapons ban had the support of some Republicans including two former GOP presidents Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan. Likewise it was Brian Mulroney's government who brought in magazine limits, ATTs for restricted weapons, and re-classified several semi-automatics with military origins as prohibited. As such there is nothing conservative about being pro-gun, its just a silly position based on ideology not facts. I don't advocate banning all guns, but banning handguns expect competitive target shooters and semi-automatics with detachable magazines is hardly radical.

Miles Lunn said...

Here are a few studies that are by experts and peer reviewed that show gun control works https://www.sciencealert.com/scientific-evidence-that-stricter-gun-control-works-saves-lives https://www.hsph.harvard.edu/hicrc/firearms-research/guns-and-death/ https://www.vox.com/2016/2/29/11120184/gun-control-study-international-evidence . I prefer to listen to the experts not the gun lobby. And note experts aren't always left wing, Trudeau's decision to reverse Harper's OAS increase to 67 was widely panned by most as was Wynne's excessive deficits. Trudeau's tax hike on the rich was panned by many experts although others were neutral, but only a minority thought it was a good idea, it was a divide between was it a bad idea or neutral. The fact the US has a murder rate 3.5x that of Canada, but violent crime only 1.3x just proves my point. And using multiculturalism won't work either as murder rates in Canada in both Toronto and Montreal are below the national average, while in US, Los Angeles, Boston, San Francisco, and New York City are fairly multicultural and below the US average and all in states with more restrictive gun laws.

Neo Conservative said...

drink deep, miles. no comment on
my rebuttal to your australia,
japan or iceland arguments, i see.

you think ralph goodale believes
he's on the side of the angels...
or does he just make shit up?

and you honestly believe that
multiculturalism isn't a factor?

that's just willful blindness.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says ---------- Miles Lunn, uses excess verbiage and facts that are meaningless when it comes to individual freedom and the right to self defence. The gang bangers and imported criminals don't give shit about Mile's words and they sure don't care about gun bans. Every Canadian should be carrying a weapon for self defence. If for no other reason to defend ourselves from the ill-informed idiots like Miles.

Neo Conservative said...

i think miles, like many other earnest
but ill-informed lefties is saying,
"who really needs a firearm."

perhaps it would be informative to
go through miles own home and throw
out anything he doesn't "really need."
and yes, this is about personal


Unknown said...

All very good points; Miles has been drinking too much of the Anti Gun Kool Aaid. Unfortunately when facts don't align with the agenda smudging of facts and figures takes place.I wonder how many people are assaulted by Golf Club. If it more than one then they should be banned. I would love to see stricter rules and regulations for driving a car. More people are killed by motor vehicle than fire arms. This debate could and will go on for ever. BTW if you need help with an incident at home ....WHO DO YOU CALL??????.....The Police....They Have Guns.. Just saying....Steve O

Neo Conservative said...

next time your home gets invaded...
try calling a social worker.


Miles Lunn said...

Actually outside the US and until recently in Canada it was accepted across the political spectrum that gun ownership is a privilege not a right and only firearms for legitimate purposes such as hunting should be permnitted. I've seen the problems loose gun laws cause in the US and don't want that coming to Canada so we need to maintain or tigthen our gun laws not loosen. And even an earlier poll shows 34% of Conservative voters favour stricter gun laws 40% status quo while only 15% favour looser so those wanting looser gun laws are thankfully a small minority in Canada, 8% overall.

As forif my home gets broken into I have an alarm and guard dog. Owning guns for self defence is generally not allowed in Canada and hope it stays that way. US has more guns and way more gun deaths so not interested in seeing that gun culture come northward. Unlike 30 years ago when Canadian Tories took pride in being different than American conservatives it seems many on the right want to copy the American right despite what a disaster their policies have been.

Neo Conservative said...

"miles lunn says... don't want that coming
to Canada so we need to maintain or tigthen
our gun laws"

miles, out of the record number of homicides in
toronto, do you know how many were committed by
legally registered gun owners? zero... nada...

it is basically black on black gangbanger thug
violence. these guys don't buy guns at retail
outlets... because of strict canadian gun laws.

you gonna make it super double illegal?

you think taking guns off farmers, hunters &
sport shooters will impact criminals?



Miles Lunn said...

Actually of the murders in Toronto most cannot be traced, while some are stolen from legal owners, some smuggled, some straw purchases. Do you really favour US style gun laws as Toronto even with its uptick still has a much lower murder rate than most American cities. And don't give me the racist garbage about it being due to too many minorities. Crime rates are lower amongst both visible minorities and immigrants than native born Canadians or whites.

Neo Conservative said...

keep telling yourself that, miles... as you cower inside your house with your alarm and your guard dog.


Neo Conservative said...

"miles lunn exclaims... Crime rates are lower amongst
both visible minorities and immigrants...

miles... you've done us all a fantastic service here.

pls point me to the URL at statistics canada, where killers
have been broken out into statistical buckets like ethnicity
and country of origin.

don't worry... i'll wait.