08 February 2019

Remember back... you were a kid...

...and local farmboys & skeet shooters was crazytime droppin' foolz at that quiet-ass book place...

Yeah, me neither...insert alt text here

Toronto police say a fight broke out between two men inside the Downsview Library, on Keele Street near Wilson Avenue on Thursday afternoon and a gunshot was fired.
I'm guessing Storytime Circle ain't ever gonna be the same.


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A man is dead after a shooting at a nightclub early Friday morning. Police say that they were dispatched to the establishment on Queen Street east of Parliament Street just before 2 am.

LAST WORD: To quote the philosopher, Mister T...

..."ah pities tha' fool"...
"Two men who died in a shootout at a Main Street restaurant have been identified by Winnipeg police. Police said Friday that Anthony Brian Cromastey, 30, and Rodney Albert Kirton, 25, died as a result of simultaneous gunshots to each other."


Anonymous said...

old white guy asks ---------- are they now doing drug deals at the liberry?

Neo Conservative said...

don't know about drug deals... but
apparently it's now a free-fire