19 February 2019

It ain't known as "The Jungle"...

...because of the lush green foliage...insert alt text here

Toronto police were called to a residential building on Caledonia Road near Lotherton Pathway shortly after 9 a.m., where two victims, a male and a female, were found at the building without vital signs.

UPDATE: "Cloak of invisibility" shooter strikes again...
No description of the suspect was available. Insp. Mandeep Mann would not say if a weapon has been recovered.

UPDATE2: CP24... smell the journalism...
"According to police, suspect is believed to have been dressed in dark-coloured clothing.
Good chance the victims are East Asian... fwiw, Toronto spokescops often seem to be matched up to ethnicity of victims.


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...oh, fuck it...
According to police, Nicholas Ortega, 42, an Ottawa resident, was arrested on Friday and charged with a number of drug and firearms charges. He is to appear at the courthouse in Toronto’s old city hall on Wednesday.

Warrants for the arrest of Vincent Yun-Hao Huang, 34, and Daniel Kam-Wah Siu, 33, have been issued. Police say both face numerous firearm and drug charges.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says ---------- I know why they are killing, it is their effort at reducing their carbon footprint, got to be. Environmentalists each and every one.

some Randy guy said...

Lotherton Pathway is not in the Jungle (Lawrence Heights). It is a freestanding festering pustule. There is a condominium building as part of the project. Would you like a pied-a-terre in Toronto?
There is some good news for you. Lawrence Heights is being torn down a la Regent Park. Critter redistribution.

Neo Conservative said...

and the multi--generational welfare families
will be redistributed to nicer digs courtesy
of the taxpayer. there's a solution.