15 April 2016

What appears to be...

...a stunning reversal of a longstanding CBC policy to not provide physical descriptions of urban shooting suspects...wowMaybe the Mother Corp felt this "statistical anomaly"... WAS THE ACTUAL STORY?

BREAKING: The CBC won't identify certain killers...

...even after they've been arrested.


UPDATE: Call it "Tupac Syndrome"

And Gabriel Nikov apparently embraced the life...
"A woman at the scene who claimed she knew the victim and tried to save his life before police arrived said he had recently become a father."

“I know he just had a baby a month ago.”
I'm thinkin' Toronto's new logo should be a Venn diagram showing the intersection of "Trawna teenager" and "aspiring rapper."killer music
Nikov’s Facebook page reveals he was an aspiring rapper who had set up a SoundCloud account with his recordings.
Don't bother looking for Nikov's Facebook or Soundcloud accounts... they've been scrubbed.


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..perhaps that "S" word doesn't mean what you think it means...
"A second man was shot dead hours later in a Mimico parking lot, bringing this year’s murder total to 25 — a far cry from the 11 killings at this point last year."
Yup... safer all the time.