25 April 2016

I guess some Liberal deadlines...

...are more important than others...insert alt text here

"We are being very careful, we can't say whose head it was," army spokesman Major Felimon Tan told reporters, adding that tests would be carried out to identify the victim.

He said Abu Sayyaf militants had threatened to behead one of four captives on Monday if the 300 million pesos ($8.1 million) ransom for each of them was not paid by 3 p.m. local time.
Well, at least Justin got all those Syrian Muslim refugees here on time.


Bill Elder said...

If the Americans put a 300 mil bail on Khadr's release d'ya thnk blank boy would have sat ruminating the offer for 10 days? Like you say, "priorities" and our selfie-taking PM puts Canadians below foreigners on his priority list.

Anonymous said...

old white guy says..........we must stand with our allies while bringing in those who hate us and our allies. oh well, just another day.

Neo Conservative said...

is it possible that prime minister care bear just isn't ready to govern?


Rich said...

Word from Ottawa is that JT is quite moved an d will take action by issuing a press release stating that he is "very outraged".

There...that will help.

How is it that this guy actually believes that emoting all over the place results in action?

Neo Conservative said...

what unnamed prime minister said...

"I have the extraordinary privilege of representing the community of Montreal, the riding of Papineau, that is one of the two most lucky ridings of Quebec, because we have the highest number of Muslim Canadians living in the riding."

easy to say if you still have your head on your shoulders.