22 April 2016

CBC's ""#catchthesniper" hornswoggle

Dear Steve Rukavina... Not presuming to question your obviously vast & eclectic firearms expertise, but I wager I could take Wendy Mesley to a gun range and have her hitting man-sized targets at 200 meters over iron sights before our coffee got cold.

"Toronto police Det. Sgt. Tam Bui believes a highly trained sniper who shot and killed a Toronto man in his driveway last fall may be in Montreal."
FWIW, Sgt. Tam... (kudos btw, to the Toronto Police Service for upholding their tradition of finding a "spokescop" who approximates the ethnic makeup of the murder victim) no "sniper" worthy of the name would be caught dead using a lever action varmint rifle.

The Browning BLR is, in fact, the antithesis of a sniper rifle. It is simply a modern take on the ubiquitous 19th century cowboy rifle... a close range deer blaster known mostly for it's beginner-friendly (half-cock safety, well placed forward swivel) carrying options.

Serious hunters and competition benchrest shooters use bolt action firearms. Putting a scope on a short barrel, lever action bush gun is like those urban Vin Diesel wannabes who screw fibreglass Porsche-lookalike whaletails to the trunklids of their souped up Honda Civics.

For anyone unfamiliar with firearms (which is basically any/every CBC viewer), a 200 meter shot with a rifle is child's play.
Most owners report groups ranging from 1-4 MOA. If you fall into the middle of that range, then 400 yard shots are pushing the limits of taking a deer humanely. This rifle, combined with a 4, 6, or 3-9 power scope offers easy shots on deer up to 400 yards.
I guess having a sniper loose on the streets just underscores the importance of banning those nasty, evil lifetaking guns.

Perhaps the CBC should shy away from attempting to say anything at all about guns... and stick to their well-oiled 24/7 unashamed public fellating of once famous/recently deceased music personalities.


Martin said...

I am by no means expert on guns, but I should have been way more skeptical of the CBC report. They, and other media tend to label any automatic rifle as a "machine gun".
CBC reporters don't like guns and don't want any Canadians to possess them; as for criminals of course that's another matter.

Neo Conservative said...

martin... what's especially hilarious about this article is the fact that this firearm is actually the antithesis of a closed bolt "sniper" rifle.

cbc simply uses the most inflammatory rhetoric possible to pander to the uncritical herd of misguided yuppie metrosexuals found populating the urban weed parlours & starbucks facsimiles across the country.

it also illustrates that your average (politically correct hire) copper nowadays knows less about firearms than most farmers, hunters or sport shooters.


Rich said...

The first report I read said that this CARTRIDGE was ACCURATE up to a MILE.
The media are hopeless.

Anonymous said...

If that's a "sniper" rifle that needs a "highly trained" shooter, then I must be MI6 special ops material.

Bill Elder said...

I may be out of line here but if we held cops to the same standards as we do civilian firearms owners, a cop this blank about firearms should NOT be allowd to carry one.

Anonymous said...

Nevermind "machine guns" the media can't tell the difference between a semi automatic firearm and an automatic firearm or in some cases deliberately choose not to. At Bisley competition doesn't even start until 300 yards. The ability to acurately shoot at 1000 yards using iron sights defines a highly skilled shooter.

Carter Hall

Unknown said...

This kinda ranks up there with the MSM pondering on where the Parliament Hill Terrorist obtained his hundred + year old Winchester hunting rifle. There are likely hundreds of similar rifles with small quantities of ammo hidden in cottages, sheds and attics all over canada.

Neo Conservative said...

"harold f says... the MSM pondering on where the Parliament Hill Terrorist obtained his hundred + year old Winchester hunting rifle"

i'm surprised the msm didn't try to connect it to the pmo.


Anonymous said...

....so by this paranoid reasoning that makes a bb gun a light assault weapon.

Cops are getting creepy-scared.