13 April 2016

72 Virgins Dating Service

"We arrange the meeting... the rest is up to you."already gone**********

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Foreign Affairs Minister Stephane Dion is insisting that he would have canceled the deal if he had proof of human rights abuses in the theocratic dictatorship, but he'll be open to retroactively killing the deal at some point in the future if he sees evidence of Riyadh using the Canadian-made weaponized on its own citizens.

Speaking to reporters on Wednesday afternoon, Dion went on to offer a litany of other explanations for his decision to approve the sale of $15 billion worth of the LAVs to the regime, which brutally executes hundreds of people a year, offers few rights to women or sexual minorities, faces accusations of war crimes in Yemen, and which is continuing to subject civil liberties advocates like blogger Raif Badawi to brutal corporal punishment.
Go Steffi.


Anonymous said...

Nice shootin' rig that geezer's using - must be courtesy of his pals i the Obama Admin. wonder if this was a fast and furious gun?

Bill Elder said...

gotta love jihadis dusting jihadis - we need more of this - as a private citizen I may donate to the ammo fund

Neo Conservative said...

the bearded weirdies have no compunction about killing other muslims... if you're not part of their sect, they'll happily send you to that great dating service in the sky.