04 April 2016

Redefining "safe spaces"

Some folk apparently have more "human rights" than others...meet Naim Rahmani

"An Ottawa public servant who was fired for slapping his boss across the face has been reinstated and awarded $25,000 in damages for the pain and suffering he endured by having his human rights abridged."
There's an interesting precedent... "assault with an excuse."

Note, however, that this was not a totally one-sided victory for the slapper...
Marie-Claire Perrault, a member of the Public Service Labour Relations and Employment Board rejected Naim Rahmani’s request that his managers undergo specialized human rights awareness training.
That's right, the "human rights" functionaries drew the line at forcing the guy who got assaulted to go to "sensitivity training."


bill elder said...

Every day it just keeps getting worse doesn't it Neo?

Some days you just curse the fates which made you a rational reasoning being. Some days you just want to get it over with and get the requisite PC lobotomy needed to accept the dysfunctional Bizzaro world crafted by demented progressia - just to make the pain stop - because it's just so painful for a rational person to watch the drooling morons running our lives from positions of authority.

Then our advanced sense of humor saves us from the pain - there is always a good satirical guffaw watching imbeciles pretending to be brilliant.

Neo Conservative said...

"bill elder says... advanced sense of humor saves us from the pain"

were it only thus...


Rich said...

And I thought I was the only one who has felt , recently, that the connection with my country has been ripped away and trashed by those who have no business being in power and whose views are completely foreign to mine. It is as if aliens have landed and taken control by stealth.
I am almost to the point of believing a revolution, as in storm the bastille, is not only justified but necessary.

Neo Conservative said...

ontario needs a saskparty.