09 April 2016

Beautiful, beautiful PILF Trudeau...

...pisses off Amnesty International by abandoning imprisoned blogger Raif Badawi to 10 years in Saudi jail and 1,000 lashes...

"Obviously we want to be able to help," Trudeau said in an interview with Montreal radio station 98.5 FM. "Sometimes, pushing too hard, too quickly has harmful consequences for the people you want to try to help."
You think Mr Badawi, who has already received the first installment of his thousand lashes, might disagree?

I don't get it... where was Prime Minister Care Bear's caution when the Liberals were hell-bent on jamming 25,000 unvetted Muslim refugees down Canadian's throats, simply to make their very public Christmas deadline.

I guess Justin didn't want to queer, er... complicate the sale of military hardware to the Saudi Royal family.

Similarly, there was no cautious pace when it came to repealing Conservative legislation to deport convicted terrorists with dual citizenship, or tossing out legislation that audited the 12 billion dollar annual welfare cheque to aboriginal chiefs.

Finally there was a singular lack of mindfulness when Justin's promised 10 billion dollar deficit turned into 30 billion dollars.

But, heck... I'm sure Raif Badawi understands.

(h/t reader Rich)


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MANILA — Islamist militants on a remote Philippines island have again threatened to execute a pair of Canadian men if ransom isn’t paid soon. The violent Islamist militant group Abu Sayyaf wants $110 million in ransom to set Robert Hall, 50, and John Ridsdel, 68, free.

Gunmen kidnapped the two Canadians from the upscale Oceanview resort on Samal island last September.
Hey, you can't rush these things.


LAST WORD: Maybe Justin & Stephane...

...just haven't got the skinny...
Responding to an online request for a religious edict, or fatwa, Sheikh Saleh al-Fozan said last month: "Calling oneself a liberal Muslim is a contradiction in terms ... one should repent before God for such ideas in order to be a real Muslim."
Sorry Raif... you're on your own.


Jaedodrax said...

Perhaps all that Saudi Oil that is going to the Irving Oil refineries down east makes a difference? After all, what is one blogger who isn't even a citizen compared to the patron saint of liberal fortunes in eastern canada (see wikipedia).

Neo Conservative said...

let's hope that the heir transparent is selling out for some sort of understandable economic reason... rather than fear, or worse yet, a personal commitment to allah.

i mean, why would justin go to a mosque, dress up in colourful native garb and recite the shahada?

justy and his buddy hussein obama seem to be on some sort of personal vision quest.


fernstalbert said...

If you can fake sincerity - you have it made. JT has made hypocrisy an art form.

Bill Elder said...

When PM Peter Pan says "caution" he means one of the adults in the Librano crew has his remaining nut taken hostage until the Librano family oligarch's investments are secure from his teddy bear policies.

Neo Conservative said...

it's more than hypocrisy... he's an out & out liar.

he promised he was going to take canadians 10 billion dollars into debt in his first term... and surprise, surprise... it's now 30 billion.

remember, if you voted liberal... you don't get to piss and moan about your grandchildren being saddled with untenable debt in 2050.