12 April 2016


...TAKE MY MONEY...more apologies

Attaching chainsaws to drones is almost always a terrible idea, and a Darwin Award in the making. And depending on the definition of "weapon," it’s also possibly illegal in several states.
Speaking of genius... just another brainstorm from the folks who brought you Windows Vista...more apologies


Anonymous said...

old white guy says..........I just learned a new and easy way to take down drones, helium filled balloons.

Bill Elder said...

A hi tech weapons system brought down by a 10cent toy - karmic irony. Consumer AI foiled by anti-intelligence - ditto with the irony.

All the fears of technology can be abated if one remembers that there is no greater force of evil on this planet than human stupidity.

Neo Conservative said...

and all you need to do is walk around 24/7 with a package of balloons and a tank of compressed gas.