12 April 2016


"Don’t see the big deal. Just make a cartoon picture of a boy straddling a little girl while he’s choking her and draw that red circle with a slash through it over top."

"Problem solved."

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Chill 'em and grill 'em... a new low for Toronto's beleagured "northwest" war zone...
A man’s body that was found badly charred in a fire pit in a North York park was likely set ablaze in an attempt to prevent identification, police say. The body was discovered in Northwood Park, in the Sheppard Avenue West and Keele Street area, by a passerby at around 10 a.m. on Saturday.


Bill Elder said...

the blank boy in the PMO and his butt-surfing media groupies need to understand that his personal vanity project, which is certain to compromise public security, will end in blood - Canadian's blood and every drop of it will be in Imam Trudeau's hands.

Neo Conservative said...

"bill elder says... compromise public security, will end in blood"

that first nail bomb will etch justy's name in infamy forever.