20 April 2016

From our voluminous...

..."if I had a son, he'd look like... [insert name of felon here]" file...

The 40-year-old rapper — whose real name is William Leonard Roberts II — was in Washington, D.C. to support the administration’s My Brother’s Keeper initiative, which aims to keep young black people out of jail.

Barack Obama had just finished speaking when Ross’s ankle monitor began beeping loudly. Ross has worn an ankle monitor since he was released from jail after posting a $2 million bond in July 2015. He was arrested after he allegedly kidnapped and assaulted his groundskeeper.

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“He was really, you know, just goofing around, playing like he could rap a little bit,” she said. “He wasn’t no rapper. He was a newcomer just trying to say some lyrics.”

He sometimes went by the name “Thugga,” according to family and friends.

At least eight other people were wounded in shootings on the West and South sides from midmorning Monday through early Tuesday, police said.
Isn't Hussein Obama's BFF the mayor of Chicago? I guess there's never a Brother's Keeper around when you really, really need one.


LAST WORD: No photo-op left behind...hunting toddlersDon't worry... Barack can have another party.


Bill Elder said...

I don't know why Dems wring their hands over the self-destructive inner city black culture - hell they created it with lush welfare programs aimed at keeping these people where they are and killing each other and out of the upscale liberal suburbs. Seems to be working as designed.

Neo Conservative said...

"bill elder says... they created it with lush welfare programs aimed at keeping these people where they are"

sounds exactly like the aboriginal reserves here in canada.

pm care bear has just said he'll dump more billions into these black holes of misery... and, oh yeah... he's removed those nasty audit controls too.