19 April 2016

The folks who teach your children...

...right from wrong...

Ranked number 6 overall is the Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation (OSSTF). It's the biggest donor among the public-sector unions.
OSSTF... that sounds so familiar...
Taxpayers will of course be footing the bill, estimated to be around $63 million. This is on top of compensation to fund more days off, extended sick leave and maternity leave for both teachers and support staff represented by OSSTF.
Bribery... it works.

Oh, hells bells... just read it all.


Bill Elder said...

Ontario is so backward - most of the progressive provinces have donor limits that are low enough it can't buy them privilege.

Onterrible still wallows in 1930s boss hog political corruption. Wake up guys before you're economic migrants to Venezuela.

Neo Conservative said...

again, can't say this too many times... the provincial liberals have doubled ontario's debt since 2003.

with a 30 billion dollar projected deficit, prime minister care bear is on the same path federally.

you did it to yourselves folks.