08 April 2016


An outspoken member of Black Lives Matter Toronto is being sued after leaving her job with UofT’s student union with a $277,508 severance deal that included 1,975 hours of overtime.

The union wants former executive director Sandra “Sandy” Hudson and her co-defendantswho allegedly approved the package — to jointly pay it back, along with another $200,000 in damages for breach of fiduciary duty.
Not too surprisingly, Ms Hudson, declined to comment on the Sun's story except to label the U of T student union “oppressive” and “unconscionable.”.

Hudson, Hudson... that sounds so familiar.


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...over in Regent Park?
Police determined that before he was shot, Weekes had been at Annie’s Bar and Grill at 372 Queen St. E., attending a memorial for Ceyon Carrington, a friend who was fatally shot March 23.
Oh right... black on black violence doesn't count.


LAST WORD: Just keepin' it real