08 April 2016


An outspoken member of Black Lives Matter Toronto is being sued after leaving her job with UofT’s student union with a $277,508 severance deal that included 1,975 hours of overtime.

The union wants former executive director Sandra “Sandy” Hudson and her co-defendantswho allegedly approved the package — to jointly pay it back, along with another $200,000 in damages for breach of fiduciary duty.
Not too surprisingly, Ms Hudson, declined to comment on the Sun's story except to label the U of T student union “oppressive” and “unconscionable.”.

Hudson, Hudson... that sounds so familiar.


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...over in Regent Park?
Police determined that before he was shot, Weekes had been at Annie’s Bar and Grill at 372 Queen St. E., attending a memorial for Ceyon Carrington, a friend who was fatally shot March 23.
Oh right... black on black violence doesn't count.


LAST WORD: Just keepin' it real


Bill Elder said...

Greedy commie gets caught red handed stealing and it's all about you oppressing them. Haven't they jumped the shark on that excuse like years ago?

Neo Conservative said...

scored almost $300,000 from the university of toronto students union... gotta love the irony.

like candy from a bunch of entitled babies.