20 April 2016

He's just so good...

...at so many things...insert alt text here

“Really any military equipment is just so helpful,” gushed Saudi Arabia’s defence minister Mohammad bin Salman Al Saud. “We’ll now be much more efficient in our policing of the Shi’a minority. Mass arrests and public execution of political dissidents will be a breeze with the new LAVs.”

After receiving a whispered message from one of his aides, he added, “I mean, not those things. Just ISIS. All the Canadian stuff is just for fighting ISIS.”
Meanwhile, in actual non-satirical news...

Snoop Dogg called out both the Canada Border Services Agency and Vancouver's Downtown Eastside in a brief but pointed Instagram post this week, in which he asked why the fuck he was getting hassled at the border — presumably over weed — when Vancouver is full of people openly using heroin.

"Y'all need to raise up off me Canada, y'all need to just walk me through and stop taking me back into that fucking customs office. Clean this shit up out here!"
Go Snoop.


Bill Elder said...

Great news cycle Neo - any day we get 2 back to back stories featuring these articulate renaissance gentlemen is a good day.