17 April 2016

Apparently, she wasn't as fluent...

..as she thought...

“They spoke to each other in a language that only they could understand. And I can’t put into words or make you understand for anyone who didn’t know Stacey how much she loved these tigers and how much this zoo family loved her.”
How do you say "love" in Tiger?

My suggestion would be... "from behind a very solid set of hardened steel bars."


Bill Elder said...

Disney syndrome claims another citiot - somewhere Darwin smiles and says "I told you so"

I remember every summer reading about the critter-love morons who visit the mountain parks for the first time -

They always went apeshit after the cute bear they were doing a photo play with their toddler, bit its hands off after they smeared them with honey, hoping for a "cute" bear pix of sweet-pea having a bear lick her hands - they always go into psychotic shock in that dreadful moment they realize a grizzly really does act like a 1000lb predator at the top of the food chain in his world - that NO this is not the cute cartoon bear we grew up with.

- or watching one bear-mauling, sheep goring, elk-stomped victim after another pile up in the Banff hospital/morgue because they fed bears or ignored the hoof-scuffing of threatened rams or bull elk/buffalo or failed to understand what the "beware of bears, trail closed" signs really meant.

I have watched decades of these "Disney-meets-Nature tragedies - when urban culture meets the reality of the wildrness - Banff/Canmore/Jasper/Kananaskis are great places to observe the dangerous detachment from reality modern urban culture has taken - probably the only up-side of this is that because the "Grizz alley" (as the rangers call the parks highway corridor) is littered with buses filled with Japanese tourists, these tragedies can be analysed because there are thousands of photos and videos of the attack.

Neo Conservative said...

people want to see animals as the disney-fied friends they see on television... or at the theatre.

this tiger was just being, well... a tiger... an apex predator that views pretty much every other breathing creature as potential calories.

you forget that, (like the wealthy socialite whose pet chimp tore her face off and ate it)... it can mess up your itinerary.


Anonymous said...

They had to wait until the tranquilizer took effect before they could go in to help her. I'm hoping the reason they waited was because she was so obviously dead, like head chewed clean off, that there was no reason to destroy the animal to try a rescue. But with the anti human attitudes some of these animal welfare people espouse sadly that's not a given.

Neo Conservative said...

came across a wolf once here at the halls and it was not a cuddle-up moment. he was about 20 meters away just looking at me as i rode past on the mower. the hair on the back of my neck went up and stayed there for 10 minutes. didn't take my eyes off him as i slowly retreated.

mrs neo always takes the bear spray on her walkabouts.