06 April 2016

Justice is not just blind...

...apparently it's also a little tone-deaf...what justice

OTTAWA — The Liberal Party of Canada is selling $500 tickets to a private Toronto reception with Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould, just as Ontario Liberal ministers have been ordered not to attend such fundraisers to avoid the appearance of selling exclusive access to cabinet insiders.
Now that Rob Ford has died, will OCAP and the MSM turn their gaze upon the Libranos?

I very much doubt it.


BREAKING: It's a Liberal thing...
Tonight's private fundraising reception with the Liberal justice minister is hosted at a Toronto law firm that had at least one registered lobbyist on staff — until he de-activated his status on the eve of the controversial event.
Yet another proud moment for the Justin Party.


UPDATE: Pants on fire...liar liar
Ontario's premier confirmed she will cancel “private” fundraisers but will continue to sell access at events listed on the party’s website.
Once a Librano, always a Librano.


UPDATE2: Whatever you call it, though...
...it’s a program that, under both the previous Conservative government and the current Liberal government, put and will put a lot of new money in ridings held mostly by Liberals and, if not Liberals, New Democrats.
Wake up and smell the politics.


LAST WORD: Justin's Chinese role models
Amnesty International’s Secretary General Salil Shetty told several reporters on Tuesday that for China “our estimate is that they execute as much as the rest of the world.”
Will Justin now retract his bromance with the Chinese Politburo?

Don't hold your breath.


Martin said...

No he won't retract. I saw a story yesterday indicating Jr and his brain trust wish to pursue a trade deal with China. No indication why or to what economic advantage would accrue to Canada. It's not as if we need even more shoddy consumer junk manufactured with minimal wages under an autocratic regime. It isn't about economics at all; Jr simply admires the Chinese way of doing business.
Interestingly the TPP which was negotiated by Harper's government receives luke warm praise and no serious commitment to debate it. It is Conservative governments which negotiated major trade deals, NTA, NAFTA and TPP. Liberals simply talk mostly about diverting trade away from US.
Jr hawking a Can-China deal should be seen simply as an antidote to the TPP which being a Harper initiative is unworthy of his support.

Neo Conservative said...

"martin says... I saw a story yesterday indicating Jr and his brain trust wish to pursue a trade deal with China..."

it must be nice to have that sort of elasticity of conscience. i hope all the chinese-canadians who voted liberal are taking note.


Bill Elder said...

Junior best change his brand slogan from "Canada is back" to "Corruption is back.

I can't find anyone who admits to voting for this loony store marxist tag team, to sat "I told you so" to.

Neo Conservative said...

yup... update2 in the post clearly illustrates how easy it is to fool the average low information voter.

but, hey... he's got nice hair, right?