27 April 2016

How many of these Eco-Warriors...

...donated big scratch to the Liberal Party of Ontario?kathleen wynnes rich friends

Five Ontario drivers who purchased a Porsche Spyder hybrid, which retails for about $1.1 million, got $5,000 rebates from the province’s electric vehicle incentive program last year.

The province also provided similar rebates for dozens of other drivers who purchased a BMW i8 at $362,000 or a Fiskar Karma at $212,000.
Your tax dollars... Kathleen Wynne's obscenely rich friends.

Meanwhile, at the other end of the socio-economic scale...
Pharmacist William Brown, who launched the complaint, said dozens of the doctor’s patients alleged they were coerced to fill their prescriptions at a business in Dr. Jatinder Dhillon’s building. The pressure included threats to cut off their “carries” — doses of methadone they can take home rather than having to visit the clinic every day — and physically walking them into the store.
Why worry, right? This doesn't affect you.

Perhaps you need to think again...
The number of patients in Ontario has soared from 3,000 to more than 50,000 since 1996. Scores of physicians heavily involved in the field are billing the Ontario government more than $900,000 a year.
It's only money, right? This type of thing is why Ontario's debt has doubled since the Liberals were elected in 2003.


Martin said...

The real question needed to be addressed is why Ont is offering any subsidy for an electric car. The goal of significant portion of electricity generated from wind/solar and increased electric vehicle use are surely mutually exclusive. The fate of the electric car was pretty well sealed in the very early 20th century by Henry Ford and others. Maybe Wynne should offer a subsidy for steam vehicles as well.

Neo Conservative said...

"martin says... Maybe Wynne should offer a subsidy for steam vehicles as well"

jeeeez... don't say that too loudly. kathleen wynne recently put 70 million dollars per year into ivf services... which, coincidentally, i'm sure, is a problem ("social infertility") primarily affecting her lesbian sisters in society.


Bill Elder said...

This dissolute waste of public funds is what happens when you allow government to hold a gun to the head of citizens and confiscate their wealth.

None of this big government corruption existed before the income tax act. Income raiding is the greedy commie's money tree, the Keynesian magic bottomless money well, the extortion racket that fuels the kleptocracy.

We need a tax revolt by the productive class - it worked for Poland and Russia.

Neo Conservative said...

"bill elder says... We need a tax revolt by the productive class"

and instead the low information voters elected the millionaire trustfund baby of canada's most famous socialist federally and another round of libranos provincially.

you get the punishment, er... government you deserve.