23 April 2012

Yes, I too, blame that evil, controlling...

...Stephen Harper...

The last jobs report showing a 82,300 employment gain was the biggest bump since the onset of the recession and the fourth-largest increase ever. Most economists are skeptical about both the outsized gain and the job market’s weakness in previous months.

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Only 15% of Afghans wanted Canadian troops to leave immediately; the greater proportion of 80% wanted them to remain until the Taliban was crushed.


Blame Crash said...

How is it that these despicable journalistic frauds know what "most economists" are saying.
The answer is that they don't. They just make shit up because they can.

Neo Conservative said...

"blame crash says... They just make shit up because they can."

and the sheeple just suck it up.

let's not forget... they do it also... because it works