11 April 2012

It's a start

don't stop now

"In the aftermath of an overall reduction of $115-million in federal funding, CBC’s English services’ executives also announced Tuesday they will no longer commission radio dramas, ending a tradition that included the Afghanada series, which ran for six seasons."


Frances said...

I gave up listening to their radio dramas many years ago, when those in charge decided that only 'adult' drama - replite with swearing and blasphemy - was to be produced. It wasn't just that I found the language offensive, which I did; it was also that there were young'uns in the household whose ears I was not going to sully with that language.

Incidentally, about that time, I do remember the complaint of someone whose story was told in one of these dramas - along the lines of the story being seriously torqued up and language used that those in the real story did not say. So it seems the CBC drama brass got off on portraying 'real' people as illiterate foul-mouths.

Frances said...

Neo - looks as if they've already closed the current affairs bureau in Alberta. The debate is being pre-empted by a hockey game!!! We can see it being live-streamed on their website or hear it on CBC Radio 1, but no live broadcast. Even when they deign to air it at 8:30 pm, said debate may be joined 'in progress' if the hockey game goes overtime.

Anonymous said...

six seasons and how many listeners?